Envisaging the West: Thomas Jefferson and the Roots of Lewis and Clark


Letter from Thomas Jefferson to David Rittenhouse

Thomas Jefferson to David Rittenhouse, April 11, 1793
Thomas Jefferson Papers, Library of Congress
Thomas Jefferson responds to David Rittenhouse's April 10 inquiry about planning Michaux's expedition and desires that the Philosophical Society meet.

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Philadlephia Apr. 11. 1793

Dear Sir,

I received yesterday your note on the subject of Michaud's instructions, and think it would be better to have a meeting of the society that they may accept the charge proposed to them by the subscribers, and may appoint a committee to draw instructions, and a person to collect the fourth of the subscriptions & pay it ot Mr. Michaud. my attendance on the society will be precarious, as it must depend on the weather: but I hope you will attend & have the thing done right.

I am Dear Sir Yours affectionately
Th: Jefferson